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This section includes nonprofit, nongovernmental programs or projects that preserve and disseminate vegetable seeds and other plant materials including heirloom, native or rare varieites.  Most of the groups or projects listed here encourage their members to participate, at some level, as stewards of garden diversity and several sell plant materials by mail to their members and the general public.  Some of the living historical farms with heritage garden programs, listed on the Public Gardens page, offer membership options that may include access to the vintage vegetable varieties displayed at museum sites.

Abundant Life Seed Foundation
  P.O. Box 772 
  930 Lawrence St.
  Port Townsend, WA  98368
  360-385-5660 or 385-7192
Bountiful Gardens/Ecology Action
  18001 Shafer Ranch Rd.
  Willits, CA  95490-9626
Permaculture Seed and Plant 
  c/o Joe Hollis
  Mountain Gardens
  3020 Whiteoak Creek Rd.
  Burnsville, NC  28714
Santa Barbara Heirloom Seedling 
  P.O. Box 4235
  Santa Barbara, CA  93140-4235
  Specializing in the sale of 
  heirloom flower and vegetable 
  seedlings from around the world.
Central Prairie Seed Exchange
  c/o John Larrison, Treasurer
  Route 1, Box 146 
  Grantville, KS  66429
  Specializing in the exchanges of 
  flowers, fruits and vegetables 
  locally adapted to the central 
Scatterseed Project
  c/o Will Bonsall
  Box 1167
  Farmington, ME  04938
  c/o Carl and Karen Barnes
  Route 1, Box 32
  Turpin, OK  783950
  Specializing in the preservation 
  and distribution of open-pol-
  linated varieties of corn. 

Seed Savers Exchange
  c/o Kent Whealy
  3076 North Winn Road
  Decorah, IA  52101
  Specializing in the maintenance 
  and distribution of rare varieties 
  of food crops.  Publishes 
  "Garden Seed Inventory" and 
  "Fruit, Berry and Nut Inventory," 
  unique catalogs of catalogs that 
  provide access to every  non-
  hybrid vegetable, fruit and nut 
  variety available from U.S. and 
  Canadian mail-order seed com-
Garden State Heirloom Seed Society
  P.O. Box 15
  Valley Rd.
  Delaware, NJ  07833
Butterbrooke Farm Seed Cooperative
  c/o Tom Butterworth
  78 Barry Rd.
  Oxford, CT  06478-1598
  Specializing in production and 
  distribution of seeds for 
  cold-tolerant, short-season food 
Native Seeds/SEARCH
  2509 N. Campbell Ave. #325
  Tucson, AZ  85719
  Specializing in drought-tolerant 
  native  food crops of the Desert 
  Southwest and  Mexico.

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