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Check this page for some suggested varieties you might want to try in your own garden.  This is not an exhaustive list of all the varieties available; there are literally thousands to choose from.  This is just to whet your appetite and get you started on the hunt for which types you think would grow well in your garden.


Asparagus Conover's Colossal, Argenteuil Early
Beans, Dry/Snap Pole Cherokee Trail of Tears, Blue Coco, Blue Lake Stringless, Good Mother Stallard, Cherokee Black, Kentucky Wonder, Snow Cap, Old Homestead, Lazy Housewife, Rattlesnake, Lynch Butterbean
Beans, Dry/Snap Bush Bountiful, Fin des Bagnols, Low's Champions, Magpie, Tendergreen Improved, Wren's Egg,  Hopi Black
Beans, Dry Bush Agassoz Pinto, Black Coco, Andrew Kent, Black Valentine, Blue Speckled Tepary, Cannelone, Jacob's Cattle, Hutterite, Molasses Face, Soldier
Beans, Runner Black, Scarlet Runner, Painted Lady, Scarlet Emperor Tarahumara Tekoma
Beans, Lima Henderson, Christmas Pole Lima, Jackson Wonder, 
Baby Bush
Beets Early Wonder, Golden Beet, Chioggia/Dolce di Chioggia, Winter Keeper, Lutz Green Leaf, Detroit Dark Red, Long Season, Crosby Egyptian, Feuer Kugel
Broccoli Calabrese, Romanesco/Roman Broccoli, Rosalind, Purple Sprouting, De Cicco
Broccoli Raab Spring Rapini, Broccoli Headed Turnip, Di Rapa, Ambern Globe Turnip
Brussels Sprouts Rupine Red, Catskill/Long Island Improved, Bedford Fillbasket
Cabbage, Green Brunswick, Early Jersey Wakefield/True American, Marner Allfroh, Red Acre, Cannonball Cabbage
Cabbage, Red Lasso, Red Rock, Red Drumhead, Red Danish, Red Acre Early
Cabbage, Savoy Savoy Perfection, Savoy Drumhead, Chieftain Savoy, January King
Carrots Early Scarlet Horn, Long Orange Improved, Oxheart, Red Core Chantenay, Parisian Rondo, Belgian White, Long Red Surrey, Danvers
Cauliflower Early Snowball, Purple Cape, Early Purple Sicilian, Veitch's Autumn Giant
Corn Catawba, Golden Bantam, Mandan Red, Hooker's Sweet/Indian, Black Aztec/Black
Cucumbers White Wonder, Boothby's blond, Lemon/Lemon Apple, Crystal Apple, Early Russian, Boston Pickling, Burpless Muncher, Armenian Yard Long, West India Gherkin, Cornichon de Bourbonne
Eggplant Early Long Purple, Listada de Gandia, Green Banana/Louisiana Long Green, Thai Long Green, Rosa Bianca, Black Beauty, Early Black Egg
Kale Red Russian/Ragged Jack, Verdura, White Russian
Kohlrabi Early Purple Vienna, Early White Vienna, Gigante/Giant Winter
Lettuce, Looseleaf Black Seeded Simpson, Deer Tongue, Red Oak Leaf, Grandpa Admire's
Lettuce, Head Iceberg, Tom Thumb, Reine des Glaces, Ice Queen, Limestone Bibb, Merveille De Quatre Saisons, White Boston
Lettuce, Romaine/Cos Little Gem, Brune d'Hiver, Cimarron/Little Leprechaun, Ballon
Lettuce, Crisphead Tennis Ball, Sierra/Sierra Batavian
Melon Green Nutmeg/Early Green Flesh, Collective Farmwoman, Minnesota Midget, Topmark, Kansas, Hale's Best, Jenny Lind, Blenheim Orange, Banana
Okra Benoist, Louisiana Green Velvet, Red Okara, Star of David
Peas, Shelling Dwarf Telephone, Little Marvel, Lincoln/Homestead, Prince Albert, Champion of England, Tall Telephone/Alderman, Thomas Laxton, Kelvedon Wonder
Peas, Sugar Dwarf Grey Sugar, Risser Early Sugar, Sugar Snap, Oregon Giant Sugar Pod, Amish Heirloom, Chinese Snow
Peppers, Hot Anaheim/Long Green Chile, Aji Dulce, Jalapeno, Ancho, Bishops Crown, Ordono, Hungarian Yellow Was, Habanero, Poinsettia, Chimayo, Cascabella, Jamaican Hot, McMahon Texas Bird, Tai Orange
Peppers, Sweet Aconcagus, Corno di Toro, Hungarian Wax, Large Sweet Spanish, Sweet Cherry
Peppers, Dried Chipotle, Chilcostle, Chilhuacle Negro, Costeno Amarillo
Potatoes All Blue, Anna Cheeka's Ozette, Caribe, Irish Cobbler, Rose Finn Apple, Yellow Finnish/Bintje, Early Ohio, Russet Burbank/Netted Gem/White Russet, Kerr's Pink, Green Mountain, Russian Banana, Bliss Triumph
Radishes French Breakfast, Black Spanish Long, Long Black Spinach, White Icicle
Rutabaga Bristol White, Canada Gem, Coxton Crofter
Squash, Summer Yellow Crookneck, Ronde de Nice, Early White Bush Scallop/White Patty Pan, Yellow Custard, Black Zucchini, Early Prolific Straightneck
Squash, Winter Thelma Saunder's Sweet Potato, Table Queen Vine, Ebony Acorn, Hundred Pound
Pumpkin Small Sugar/Sugar Pie/New England Pie, Winter Luxury Pie, Turner's Select
Sweet Potatoes Nancy Hall, Oak Leaf, Old Kentucky White, Purple, Red Brazil, Red Wine Velvet, White Yam, Jumera
Tomato, Cherry Green Grape, Yellow Pear, Dr. Carolyn, Eva's Purple Ball
Tomato, Pink-Purple Brandywine, Pruden's Purple, Cherokee Purple, Anna, Arkansas Traveler, Pink Brimmer, Mortgage Lifter/Radiator Charlie's Mortgage Lifter, Oxheart
Tomato, Red Burbank Red Slicing, German Johnson, Abraham Lincoln, Amish Paste
Tomato, Yellow Hugh's Goldie/Golden Dixie, Azoychka, Djena Lee's Golden Girl
Tomato, Bicolor Big Rainbow, Old German, Mr. Stripey, Vera Orange
Watermelon Moon and Stars, Amish Moon and Stars, Sugar Baby, Black-Seeded Ice Cream, Golden Jubilee, Tom Watson, Kleckley Sweet/Monte Cristo

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